Kevin Durant Sneakers

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Kevin Durant yesterday in the game put on a pair of unexposed new Kevin Durant Sneakers, a glimpse of the KD9 is the extension of the high tube, shoelaces replaced with exposed structure and shoe body connected with the material is also different, but I believe that is the KI9 Elite version, coupled with his own pro with the use, probably can not escape the upcoming sale of the day.

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Nike unveiled the shoe that will wear Kevin Durant for the next NBA playoffs. Based on the current model of the Thunder star, the comma brand added Kevlar and a large sock.

It is not only in football that the idea of ​​mixing shoes and socks is making its way. In basketball, Kevin Durant will be in the front line on this concept in a few weeks.

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In 2007, Kevin Durant joined the Seattle Super Sonics as a second place, and moved to Oklahoma as a member of the Thunder team the following year. Now, in 2017, he became the youngest in NBA history. Of the scoring and won this title, and in 2014 he also became the regular season MVP, now 2017 he followed the Warriors to achieve their own championship dream.

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