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For those who love to play basketball students, the preparation of one or two pairs of good Basketball Sneakers For Sale is essential. Many footwear on the market, the choice can be described as a headache thing. Nike, Adi generally more expensive, for a lot of shy students in the bag is difficult to bear, not to mention the life of most basketball shoes, but over two years, so buy a domestic shoe has become a more appropriate choice. But even to buy a pair of desirable domestic basketball shoes, also need to do some homework.


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AIR JORDAN series of shoes in the sales and market demand far ahead of other products, the entire sports shoes industry every year to establish a higher design, innovation and functional benchmarking. The core of the series is that the perfect combination of athletes and technology - the most dazzling star in the history of basketball Michael Jordan, and accompanied by superstar experienced brilliant career basketball shoes, highlights his function, innovation and achievements of the relentless pursuit.

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Weaving uppers basketball shoes inventory, from the Nike Kobe Bryant series as a pioneer, first now team shoes have begun to use the general weaving upper, shoes lightweight weaving era has arrived. Let us count the weight of the era of weaving shoes!

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In 2007, Kevin Durant joined the Seattle Super Sonics as a second place, and moved to Oklahoma as a member of the Thunder team the following year. Now, in 2017, he became the youngest in NBA history. Of the scoring and won this title, and in 2014 he also became the regular season MVP, now 2017 he followed the Warriors to achieve their own championship dream.

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28 Apr / 2017

Air Jordan brand story

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Air Jordan (Air Jordan) is Nike's history to the most famous NBA star Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) named after the series. In 1985, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) to high-paying contract was then a small manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers Nike (Nike) signed to its Nike (Nike) is more for Jordan launched the first Jordan named shoes, The first of the Air Jordan series. Although this shoe at the time with a strange color and novelty of science and technology, but no one thought, this will actually be a myth of the beginning.

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Kevin Durant yesterday in the game put on a pair of unexposed new Kevin Durant Sneakers, a glimpse of the KD9 is the extension of the high tube, shoelaces replaced with exposed structure and shoe body connected with the material is also different, but I believe that is the KI9 Elite version, coupled with his own pro with the use, probably can not escape the upcoming sale of the day.

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